Creating Communities of Care

By November 10, 2016November 15th, 2016News

NovakTalks works with partners to create communities of care. To further emphasize this commitment NovakTalks committed $25,000 in 2014 to the Southeastern Panhellenic Association (SEPC) to create their Emerging Leaders Initiative. NovakTalks recently announced a $25,000 to the Southeastern Interfraternity Conference (SEIFC) to advance their efforts to enhance the resources and experience of its members. A portion of the revenues earned by NovakTalks is donated to Circle of Sisterhood. We are proud to partner with such wonderful organizations showing our commitment to the betterment of individuals, organizations and communities.

NovakTalks continues to be a leader in the field of prevention and intervention. Kim Novak, founder and CEO is considered an expert in hazing prevention and student focused risk management working with diverse groups of partners to help create communities of care. Our team of facilitators have successful careers in both campus and national organizations bringing a depth and breadth of knowledge that meets all our clients needs to their work. Learn more about our team by visiting the “About” section to the left. NovakTalks offers programs geared towards communities, organizations, staff and specialized groups such as conduct boards, new member education teams, council or governance leadership, volunteers, teams or clubs. Programs include: presentation, training, group sessions, staff training and development, retreats, keynotes and consultations.

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